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The Collegiate Softball Umpires Association (CSUA) was started in 1977 with one school, California State Teachers College (CSTC, now California University), by Bill Christy and Denny Mader.  As visiting schools played at CSTC, the coaches invited Bill and Denny to umpire their home games as well.  As time passed, the schedule grew to include West Virginia University, Slippery Rock State Teachers College (now Slippery Rock University), Davis and Elkins College, and Salem College.  Today, CSUA assigns all or a portion of 14 conferences in all Divisions (I, II, III, NAIA, and Junior College), 90+ schools in 16 states.

There are two places to locate information regarding CSUA: this website and, for members only, the Arbiter scheduling assigning website.

For information found on this website, click on any of the buttons above or on the side to go to that informational page.  The following information can only be found on Arbiter:

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What's New:



All CSUA umpires are required to attend one of the CSUA clinics. It is optional for CSUA-NE umpires to attend one of these.
There are only two (2) CSUA clinics, February 17th in State College and February 24that Old Forge High School in Old Forge PA (Scranton area).  There are no clinics this year at Slippery Rock or Shippensburg for CSUA.
As we have stated previously the CSUA and ECUA are sharing resources. One of the big resources sharing are our clinics. I am not sure of the attendance requirement for ECUA whether they are mandatory or not, that is not my responsibility as I am not a member of the ECUA.  I do know if you are a member of CSUA and ECUA or just a member of the ECUA Mr. Crane will give credit towards ECUA attendance.

Any questions can be directed to Denny.

Details for clinics -- location and times will be posted as soon as possible.

Saturday, February 17 --> Slippery Rock University -- NEW LOCATION

Saturday, February 24 --> Scranton (Old Forge) Area -- Old Forge High School, 300 Marion Street, Old Forge, PA 18518

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We have just returned from the NCAA National Coordinators’ meeting and I want to share with you some of the information that was presented:
Registration is OPEN at this time.
The fee remains at $100 for each umpire.  You register online and after registering you will receive a ‘Welcome Package’ which will include a rules book and an updated manual.
Remember that any umpire hoping to be selected by the SUP for NCAA post season play MUST register on this site.  Also, the NCAA clinic will be available on the website as well as the NCAA test.
When you register, remember to mark all the conferences you service INCLUDING ANY AND ALL THAT ECUA SERVICES!!!
You must be registered with the NCAA website to take test.

The test will be available from JANUARY 7 through FEBRUARY 15.

The cut off for the test is 11:59 pm EASTERN on Feb 15.  If your test is not SUBMITTED by that time it will not be accepted.

When you submit your test you will receive a score, BUT YOU WILL NOT KNOW WHICH QUESTIONS YOU GOT WRONG until February 16.

In order to be eligible for NCAA post season play you must pass the test.  The passing grade this season will be 90. Please also note for those that do not register with the NCAA SUP Central Hub, you still be required to take our test and pass it with the a score of 90%, and you will have 2 opportunities to score 90%.


Also keep in mind you must be registered and meet the NCAA SUP requirements for consideration for CSUA post-season assignments as well as being considered for NCAA post season opportunities.

If you take this test it will satisfy one of CSUA’s requirements.   If you mark any of our conferences (see below for conference for CSUA) when you register, the system will automatically notify me that you have met this requirement. 

D-I:  Northeast Conference – This is not the Northeast 10 Conference

D-II:  Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference

D-III:  Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference; Capital Athletic Conference; Centennial Conference; Commonwealth Conference; Freedom Conference; Landmark Conference

The clinic will be available on line soon, but I do not have an exact date at this time.

You must be registered with the NCAA website to view the clinic.

It is a requirement of ECUA membership that you view the clinic.  If you mark any of our conferences as noted above when you register, the system will automatically notify me that you have met this requirement.
It was stated that there has not been consistency in following in following proper Bat Checking protocol.

Please remember that bats are to be checked EVERY GAME!!!!  This includes the second game of a DH.

EACH TEAM must provide THEIR OWN BAT LIST with their bats highlighted and the number of bats indicated.

A team MAY use the same list for the second game of a DH, but may NOT use the same list on different days.
(This next statement was not mentioned at the meeting but is to be followed on ALL ECUA DIVISION 1 ASSIGNMENTS)  For CSUA assignments you are to be ON THE FIELD 25 minutes prior to the first game of the day so that Bat Checks can be done in a timely manner in order to make sure other duties (such as the meeting with coaches) are concluded in time to guarantee the game is started on time.
 There will soon be an APP for apple and android users to view the RULES BOOK.  It will be FREE TO UMPIRES REGISTERED ON THE NCAA WEBITE.
The following changes ARE NOT IN THE NEW MANUAL but will be listed on the website:
On page 320 of the 2012 manual (I do not know the page in the new manual) Only the “Third Strike Is Not Caught – Base Umpires” is to be used by base umpires.  If the ball is caught, no signal needs to be made.
When asking for help on a CHECKED SWING in a three person crew – For right handed batters ALWAYS  GO TO U1 FOR HELP and for left handed batters ALWAYS GO TO U3 FOR HELP.
In an effort to keep all DI assignors  working collaboratively for the services of those of you who service multiple conferences we (the assignors) will be trying some new things for the scheduling of the 2014 season.
ECUA and CSUA will be cohosting two preseason meetings.

These would be primarily for members in the Northeast (Members living in the Midwest and South would not be expected to attend).


It is a pleasure to announce an improved working relationship between two (2) top level collegiate softball umpires organizations; Collegiate Softball Umpires Association (CSUA) and the East Coast Umpires Association (ECUA) effect today.

We are excited about the increased opportunities that this agreement will provide for members of both organizations. Ed, Steve and I believe we will be able to take advantage of the strengths from each group which will result in the improvement of both groups.

For the 2012-2013 Academic year, Ed Crane and I will be Co-Directors of CSUA and will share the responsibilities for the assigning etc. Steve Blackman will continue to function as the Supervisor of Umpires for the CSUA group.
As the season progresses there will be some responsibility adjustments for the 2013/2014 season.

We see this as a 'Win-Win' for everyone involved and hope you will feel that way also.

Dennis Mader
CSUA Co-Director Softball Umpires Program & Assigning Coordinator


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CSUA Staff

Dennis Mader Co-Director Umpires Program - Assigning Coordinator
Ed Crane Co-Director Umpires Program - Assigning Coordinator
Steve Blackman Supervisor of Umpires
Jason Winters Assistant Supervisor of Umpires - Web Master
Luau Bowers Rules Interpreter - Staff Assistant - Supervisor of Training
Eric Minton Asst. Rules Interpreter - Staff Assistant and Training
Brian Sonak Mechanics Interpreter - Staff Assistant and Training 
Tom Aber Observation Staff - Staff Assistant and Training
Anthony Candido Observation Staff - Staff Assistant and Training
Wayne Doyle Observation Staff - Staff Assistant and Training
Fletcher Kinne Observation Staff - Staff Assistant and Training
Anthony Roberto Observation Staff - Staff Assistant and Training
Jim Craig Assigner (Northwest Territory) - Staff Assistant and Training
Dave Kolojejchick Assigner (East Territory) - Staff Assistant and Training
Rich Kotarsky Assigner (Western Area) - Testing Administrator - Staff Assistant and Training
John Morgan Assigner (Northeast Conference - East; MAC Conference - NJ) and Training
Sonny Pompilii Assigner (Southeast) and Training


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