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The Collegiate Softball Umpires Association (CSUA) is constantly working to better its staff through education, training and evaluations, both on the field and in the classroom.  For this to be most effective, and for CSUA to be able to consistently supply qualified umpires for your games, it relies on the on-field evaluations by our staff evaluators, fellow umpires and especially from coaches.

All umpire evaluations are now done online.  Prior to the beginning of the first game, one of the umpires should have given you a form that provides information needed for the evaluation (umpires' names, game date, home team, etc.).  Please refer to this form when beginning the evaluation.

If you forget the password to login to submit a form or have any questions about the evaluation process, please feel free to contact us.

We perfer you complete your form online, but if you would like to print to form and mail it in, please find a printable form below and mail to Denny Mader, 1142 Cross Creek Road
Burgettstown, PA 15021-2042.

For the information to assist us, it is important to complete the evaluation in a timely fashion. Please do it at least weekly.

Thank you for completing the evaluation as this is valuable information in the continuing education of our umpires.



Message from Vickie - Regarding "Pink" Breast Cancer Events

Bases and lines must be white and balls must be optic yellow even though pink editions of all are available.  However, banners, signage, painted stenciled in the grass, adjustments to uniforms are appropriate tributes to these special games.



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CSUA is proud to service portions of 14 conferences in all divisions consisting of approximately 90+ schools in 16 states.  CUSA prides itself in offering the very best umpires to its clients and ensures that quality through intensive training and ongoing measurements throughout the year.

To contact a representative of CSUA about supplying umpires for your conference, please click here. 


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