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Softball Umpire Incident/Ejection/Suspension Form


Softball Incident Report for Inappropriate Bat


Game Reports & Evaluations

Umpires are required to submit a post game report  after every game and within 24-hours.  The report must be submitted by the plate umpire of game #1 if no issues occer.  If there is a problem during your game, a game report should be submitted by both umpires.

The Collegiate Softball Umpires Association (CSUA) is constantly working to better its staff through education, testing, training, and evaluations, both on the field and in the classroom.  For this to be most effective, and for CSUA to be successful, it relies on the on-field evaluations by our staff evaluators and coaches.

If you forget the password to login to submit a report or have any questions about the evaluation process, please feel free to contact us.

Handouts for Coaches:

2 Person Form - Complete Online & Print
3 Person Form - Complete Online & Print

2 Person Form - Blank
3 Person Form - Blank


Handouts for Conference Championships:

2 Person Form - Complete Online & Print
3 Person Form - Complete Online & Print

2 Person Form - Blank
3 Person Form - Blank



CSUA Annual Clinic

Each year, CSUA hosts a clinic at three different locastions that is mandatory for all CSUA members.  All CSUA umpires that work any CSUA assigned conferences other than just the NEC are required to attend one of the two clinics. Umpires that only work the NEC conference are not required, but are very welcome to attend.



The umpires' rules and mechanics test are for those CSUA and ECUA umpires that are NOT registering for the NCAA SUP Central Hub.  The test is 50 questions, is online, covers both rules and mechanics, and can be taken twice for a "passing grade."  You can login to the test and print it.  Once you are ready to complete the test, you can sign back in and enter your answers.  If you enter your responses and have to close, you will lose your responses.


If you have any questions about the test results, please contact Rich Kotarsky.


Mentoring Program

In 2012, CSUA began the CSUA mentoring program. The purpose of the program is to facilitate the cognitive learning of newer CSUA umpires. Determination of those chosen to be a mentor or or those to be mentored is made by the Supervisor of Umpires.

To learn more about the CSUA Mentoring Program, please click here.


Interested in becoming a member of CSUA?

Membership in CSUA is a multi-step process.  First, a prospective umpire may have a college or upper level high-school coach refer them to the CSUA or a prospective umpire may request an opportunity to tryout for a position on the umpiring staff.  In either case, there are several steps that a prospective umpire will need to do.

For complete membership process, please click here.





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